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Member Profile: Raymond Tam, PE

Transportation Engineer at Greenman-Pedersen Inc

Raymond Tam is a transportation engineer and avid urbanist. He has worked on Transit Signal Priority, ADA pedestrian ramps, and asset management for the Empire State Trail. He is passionate about transit-oriented design and complete streets. He enjoys exploring historical sites of NYC and is planning on touring Gracie Mansion soon.

1. What is your favorite YPT-NYC memory?  

I think just meeting so many different people in the transportation industry. As an engineer, I do not get to meet as many planners and people within transit. It is great to pick their brain and learn more about what they do. I like figuring out how engineers can complement planners and vice versa. One event I am looking forward to is the LGA tour in August.
2. If you could snap your fingers and make one change to regional transportation, what would it be?

I’d love it if all elected officials and city employees all took transit to and from work within the city. Even our congressional representatives should take Amtrak to DC. Once they all take transit I think transit would change for the better.

3. What sparked your passion to work in the transportation industry?  

I’ve always been into sustainability and reducing my own footprint. After learning that the transportation sector is the largest emitter of greenhouse gases (GHG) in America, it just made sense. One of my first internships was with NYCDOT and it kept snowballing. I interned at different consulting firms and I realized just how much I love transit after growing up commuting around the city on the subway and buses. I hope to work on more projects that complement both transit, freight, and personal vehicles. We can all thrive in the city.

4. What are you working on that you’re most excited by? 

One recent project was working on the Empire State Trail. I loved seeing how this trail was connected and seeing how beautiful the trail is. The trail is well maintained and we managed the asset inventory of the trail. I would love to bike this trail one day. 

5. What famous celebrity do you think should be given the opportunity to voice a NYCT Subway Announcement?

I know the unofficial talent scout of NY, New York Nico, who had partnered with the MTA to get some celebrities to do announcements. To add to his extensive list, I’d like any member of the Wu-Tang Clan, Bobby Shmurda, or Pete Davidson.

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