March 2021 – Author Talk on 3/11!

Celebrating Women’s History Month!

We are honoring the contribution of women in the transportation industry, such as the first female NYCT Subway Train Operator Marion McAllister, inventor Mary Walton, bus company entrepreneur Helen Schultz, first female African-American commercial pilot Willa Brown, and first female Asian-American commercial pilot Katherine Cheung. We also honor all the women and female-identifying people within our YPT-NYC community that keep our region moving.

A special congratulations to the following women (who have previously kept the NYC region moving) who will now be serving us as USDOT appointees in the Biden Administration: Nuria FernandezMeera JoshiPolly TrottenbergDiana Lopez, and Dani Simons.  

Mercado, Stephanie. For the Love of Essential Workers. Relief Print Collage. 2020. LA Metro Silver Linings Series.

In honor of Women’s History month, we are featuring the work of an emerging female artist based in Los Angeles. Stephanie Mercado is a multidisciplinary artist influenced by her life as a working-class Angeleno from a family of artisans. Mercado’s work explores the proverbial American Dream and psychology of labor. Her piece featured above, which was commissioned by LA Metro, celebrates the valuable services provided by essential workers and the power of arts and culture are heightened during challenging times.


Author Talk

Thursday, March 11 6:30 – 8:30 p.m.

Join us as we discuss the paper announced last month, Engineering the New York City Subway: The Thinking Behind the World’s Fastest and Most Convenient Rapid Transit System, with the author, Kyle M. Kirschling. The paper delves into the New York City subway system, which embodies design elements unparalleled among the world’s major rapid transit systems. The pillars of the system’s design are the high-speed right-of-way, trains located underground but still close to the surface, extensive four-track mainlines with all tracks on the same level, and bi-directional local and express service. 
Please come with questions! The author is looking forward to discussing with you all!

Click here to register.


Podcast Club

Thanks to everyone who joined our first ever Podcast Club series in February to discuss streets, tunnels, bridges, and airports! Stay tuned!

Salary Negotiation Workshop

Thanks to those who attended the salary negotiation workshop. It was very well attended with over 60 people! We learned so many useful tips to approach salary negotiations. Takeaways from the workshop include: be prepared to articulate your value to a potential or existing employer, track your skills and accomplishments, share your successes, and quantify the impact of your work. Visit the AAUW website for online resources and free trainings on salary negotiation.

Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy Student Information Panel Event

Six members of YPT-NYC and YPT-Philadelphia teamed up for a panel with Bloustein students on careers in transportation. Panelists shared personal stories about their diverse professional paths within the private and public sectors and tips on landing a job for the soon-to-be jobseekers. A recording of the panel will be available upon request. 


Chelsea Ramos, Technical Specialist in the Environment, Energy, & Sustainability (EE&S) Department at NJ Transit 
Chelsea is an Environmental Scientist with 7 years experience at NJ Transit, all of which have been both professionally and personally rewarding. She received both her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Environmental Science from the New Jersey Institute of Technology. She enjoys being an active member of the YPT-NYC community, and she currently holds the position of Vice-Chair of College Outreach for the new Women Transportation Seminar (WTS) NJ Chapter. 

What is your favorite YPT-NYC event and why?  
The facility tours and scavenger hunts. These events are great because they provide both an educational outlet while also building social connections with other members of YPT-NYC. Also, as a New Jerseyan, the scavenger hunts help me learn more about NYC!
What sparked your passion to work in the transportation industry?  
My passion was sparked when I realized how diverse the field really is! To make this industry successful, it requires the collective input of many different backgrounds, experiences, and types of expertise to continue to function daily.
What are you working on that you’re most excited by?  
I am currently working on two different railroad bridge replacement projects. As an environmental scientist, my role includes environmental impact review, mitigation measures, and permitting. Large-scale capital projects like these are complex and engaging because of the far reach of the project and the collaboration with other agencies, like Conrail and Amtrak. I have the opportunity to work with expert engineers, scientists, and designers, and as a side perk, I get to make some new friends outside of my organization!
What career advice would you give to other YPT’ers interested in your career path?
I would say to use every opportunity as a learning experience. Every task should be considered a productive action–even drafting an email can build on your skills. 
What famous celebrity would you like to hear voice a NYCT Subway Announcement?
Jennifer Lopez! She is a native Bronx resident and she often took the NYCT subway to get to her gigs around the City.  

To read our full Q&A with Chelsea, click here. 


Use the YPT LinkedIn Group if you are #OpenToWork!

We want to point members on the job hunt or with job opportunities to post and share in our LinkedIn group. The group is a great way to share information about yourself as a job seeker or post opportunities. Check out previous posts by members for ideas on what to include in your own post!


Stay tuned for upcoming events!  Also, please reach out to us here if you’re interested in hosting a virtual tour or skill share.


Young Professionals in Transportation – New York City (YPT-NYC) is an official 501(c)(6) non-profit organization that provides benefits to its members through professional development, fellowship, and networking. YPT-NYC’s members keep the Greater New York City region moving while providing a space for growing skills, sharing knowledge, and expanding professional networks. Check your membership status here, or join here. Being an active member is $20 for the year and allows us to provide our membership with impactful programming.

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