YPT-NYC August Newsletter: 8/20 Game Night & More!


Join us for another game of Scattergories this Thursday, August 20th at 7PM.

We will send a link to join on Thursday afternoon via this newsletter.


YPT Awards serve as an opportunity to highlight the meaningful contributions YPT members are making in their organizations, the YPT community, and the transportation industry.

Take a look here. Application deadlines have been extended to August 21st.


Use the YPT LinkedIn Group if you are #OpenToWork!

We want to point those on the job hunt to our group, and those having job opportunities, to share to our LinkedIn group. The group is a great way to share some information about yourself as a job seeker or post opportunities.

If you’re job seeking, we suggest using the popular hashtag #OpenToWork and sharing the following:

  • What’s your professional background?
  • What are your hard skills?
  • What are your soft skills?
  • What kinds of positions are you interested in?
  • What geographic areas are you looking in?
  • Something fun!

And don’t forget to attach your resume and any other files that show off your skills to the post!


Civil service is a path to working in NYC government and the City Planner exam is open until August 25th. We recommend applying if you qualify and if you’re interested in working for City government.


Looking for a different set of eyes to take a look at your resume? Upload it here for members of the YPT-NYC Board to take a look and provide feedback, comments, and suggestions.

This opportunity is open to all active YPT-NYC members. Resume review is limited to the first 50 resumes submitted. All resumes will remain confidential, and will not be shared beyond the YPT-NYC Board Member(s) reviewing.


We are working on several upcoming events, such as:

  • A book talk to discuss our summer book (Bicycle/Race: Transportation, Culture, and Resistance by Adonia Lugo, PhD). We will be partnering with YPT Portland.
  • A Public Service Loan Forgiveness workshop with experts joining to assist YPT members.
  • A skill share hosted by Mary Buchanan, previously featured in our member profile series!
  • September trivia (details to be announced soon).

Stay tuned!


In our first virtual tour this July, YPT-NYC took members on an aerial tour of the region’s freight rail facilities. YPT-NYC Chair Jeffrey Brauner was joined by special guest James Nunes, Manager – Operations Support at the New York & Atlantic Railway to fly across all sorts of interesting rail facilities, James shared insight on the NY&A’s operations, and gave attendees a unique transportation perspective. The tour wrapped up with an “explosive” look at Naval Weapons Station Earle, one of the craziest pieces of rail infrastructure you will ever see!

Our second tour focused on aerial imagery using publicly available tools from the NYC Department of City Planning. YPT-NYC Communications Director Rayn Riel hosted an exploration of the five boroughs as they were in 1924, diving into the history of the city’s development, looking into infrastructure projects underway at the time and comparing the built environment of almost 100 year ago with today’s reality.

The third tour was our annual MTA Bridges and Tunnels (MTA B&T) archives tour. This has been the third year in a row that YPT-NYC has been able to provide this tour, albeit under different circumstances. Nellie Hankins, Bridges and Tunnels’ archivist, gave an entertaining overview of the Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority’s establishment (legal name of B&T), projects that could have significantly impacted Manhattan’s landscape, and the importance of keeping a historical record. We look forward to partnering to provide this tour in the future with updated information to reflect other projects like the agency’s transition to All Electronic Tolling.

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